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Convenience and Rewards! 

This isn't a cashless society yet, but plastic payment cards do come in handy in our daily lives. For instance, ATM cards when the bank is closed but cash is a must; debit cards when you want payment to come straight from a checking account, or credit cards for those unexpected purchases. 

Meanwhile, get the cards you need to make life simple. 

Apply for a Magna ATM card, available to personal checking and savings customers. Cash will be available to you any time, seven days a week, 24 hours a day at an automatic teller machine near you. Our ATM cards have no annual or monthly fee. And, at Magna, you can create your own secret ATM card code. That makes it easy to remember. 

Better yet, if you're tired of writing checks for typical purchases at retail stores but also don't want to carry a lot of cash, apply for a Magna VISA® Debit Card, which is available to all personal checking customers. 

Your Magna VISA® Debit Card has no annual fee and works like a check for purchases at any merchant that accepts VISA® worldwide. It's that simple. 

That's not all. Many merchants will allow you to use your VISA® Debit Card to get cash back when you make a purchase. That eliminates the need to visit an ATM. 

Personal debit card holders can earn rewards through Points2U. Earning rewards is easy. For every $2 you spend on non-PIN purchases using your Magna VISA® Consumer Debit Card, you earn 1 point. Use the points for any travel plans, with no restrictions, or redeem your points for a huge selection of valuable merchandise.

Visit and explore the benefits, or call 1-866-Points2U (1-866-764-6872).

To apply for a Magna ATM or VISA® Debit Card, please call us at 901.259.5400 or 800.517.3455. Or visit any of our Bank Branches. See Locations.

With your Magna ATM Card or VISA® Debit Card, you will enjoy the benefit of no-fee ATM withdrawals at Magna Bank or First Tennessee ATMs. For your convenience, use your card at Pulse or Plus ATMs, too.

Personal Credit Card

We make it easy to choose the credit card that is right for you. Our consumer card is available in two options, Low Rate Card or World Card and Preferred Points Card.

To Apply Now 

    • Download the PDF application.
    • Type the information and then print the application (you cannot save the document, so print an extra copy for yourself), or print it and then complete it using a blue or black pen. Paper applications are also available at our local branch office.
    • Fax your completed application to the Card Service Center at 972-650-7054.

                    Or mail your completed application to:

          Card Service Center
          PO Box 569120
          Dallas, TX 75356-9120

*Please see application for information about current APRs and fees.


Gift, Travel and Reloadable Cards

Gift Card

For birthdays, graduations, holidays, or any special occasion, give a Magna Bank Gift Card.  It’s a great alternative to giving cash or a check.  A gift card can be used for purchases anywhere debit cards are accepted.  

Travel Card

Planning a trip?  Travel smart with our prepaid Magna Bank Travel Card.  It’s safer than carrying cash and it’s not tied to your bank account.  If it gets lost or stolen, it can be replaced.  Get cash at ATMs and use it anywhere debit cards are accepted.  It’s reloadable.  So, just load and go!

Minimum age to purchase:  16 years old

Reloadable Card

Our reloadable card works like a checkless checking account.  You can direct deposit paychecks, shop and pay bills online, get cash at ATMs, track spending online and use it virtually anywhere.  The Magna Bank Reloadable Card looks like a Visa® card but it’s prepaid.  So you never have to worry about overdrafts or late fees and there’s no credit check. 

Minimum age to purchase:  18 years old

For more information on our Card Programs, visit your nearest Magna Bank branch for further details.




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